We-ADT International JSC is specializing to develop software for jobs connection and eLearning.

Our main products:

Jobnow: the smart recruitment platform:

Website: https://jobnow.com.vn

Full mobile app: https://hr.jobnow.com.vn/app

Leaning Management System (LMS)

Edunow: https://edunow.vn; https://edunow.today

2B Edunow presentation English PDF

Advantages of system:

 The school has its own system: its own domain name, its own logo, its own server. It will actively allow the school to be proactive about bandwidth, prevent congestion, and add tools at its discretion.

1. Administration from top to bottom in the form of a tree branch, can manage a whole chain of schools. Secondary schools operate independently: content management, announcements, lecturers, students.

2. There is a tool to create questions bank from Word files (using AI technology): the lecturer uploads the edited Word file in a standard format that the system automatically recognizes and creates a question bank.

3. Online proctoring tools (using AI): camera monitoring, 360 degree scanning around candidates, screen checking, face checking, ID card. If all conditions are met, the exam will be opened. During the c exam process, the camera, screen, and sound are monitored. Allow the proctor to watch the exam. After the test, the entire monitoring process is saved on the server for re-checking at any time.

4. Full language: Vietnamese-English and other languages

5. Easily add tools developed by 3rd parties according to the teaching requirements of each school.

6. The server system operates under an intelligent mechanism (self-increasing and decreasing the number of servers) to ensure bandwidth and automatically distribute the load in the cloud server network.

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